STarT Back has been described by an experienced NHS Manager as “the easiest business case I’ve ever had to write”. 

The STarTBack Approach is important to all those who commission services for patient with low back pain as it has been shown to be cost and clinically effective. It is endorsed by NICE and the NHS England low Back and Radicular Pain Pathways (2017). Recent Public Heath England report on return on investments in musculoskeletal interventions estimates the ROI values for STarT Back from a healthcare financial perspective of £10.58 for every £1 spent on the intervention.  When QALY gains are included, this increases to an estimated return of £90.92 for every £1 spent and when societal costs are included, this increases to an estimated £226.23 for every £1 spent.

Commissioners will find here a plethora of resources that will help in implementing STarT Back within the organisation.

You can go directly to the document of interest:

Resources-supporting statement, business case, health economics presentation and audit tools

Clinical Partners– see where STarT Back is already in use – why not add your name?

Case Study– hear how one physiotherapy service implemented STarTBack

Impact examples– hear how STarT Back has been implemented