Gail Sowden, Consultant Physiotherapist, co-leads the training course on the Biopsychosocial Management of Complex Patients with Back Pain that forms the basis of the management of those characterised as being at high risk by the STarT Back tool. A vital component of the learning process is case review and discussion with peers and mentors. These are termed Practice Based Support Sessions (PBSS).

The purpose(s) of PBSS is to enable physiotherapists to consolidate and further develop their knowledge and skills in delivering the high risk matched treatment to high risk patients and for them to receive practical and emotional support in doing so.

Here are some of the tools that Gail has developed for use in your own workplace. These are free to use, but please respect the copyright and ownership of the materials:

  • PBSS Purpose, roles and format A general overview of how to set up a PBSS group.
  • PBSS Learning Record This form is designed to be filled in every time you are a participant in a PBSS. If your clinical case is discussed then you would also complete the PBSS Preparation and learning record. This learning journal is aimed at helping you 1) to reflect on and record your learning and 2) identify and carry out any next steps.
    You could use it as an example of reflective practice for your CPD portfolio, appraisal and HCPC re- registration. It may also help you towards meeting the Trust’s clinical supervision requirements.
  • There is also a PBSS Evaluation form that can be used to obtain feedback and modify the session.